Monday, 13 July 2015

Hot and Spicy Sweet Potato Soup

Hot and Spicy Sweet Potato Soup

We had this thick creamy, spicy soup for supper the other night with crusty bread and it went down a treat, with the children especially enjoying it.  It is easy to make with preparation time about 10 minutes or so and cooking time not much longer.  When I did this I made enough for two meals and placed the second batch in the freezer for another night.

Hot and Spicy Sweet Potato Soup

Serves 8
2 tbs Blodyn Aur Rapeseed Oil (this is produced locally to me and I have been pleased with its quality) alternatively use Olive Oil
3 onions chopped
5 garlic cloves chopped
6cm of fresh ginger peeled and grated
1 birds eye chilli chopped (use more if you like it spicy) 
1 tbs garam masala
4 tsp curry powder
2 or 3 large sweet potatoes 1.2kg chopped into cube type shapes
Vegetable stock about 2 liters, if you have made your own that would be great if not 2 cubes of veg stock added to the water.
400ml coconut milk
small bunch of fresh coriander chopped 
juice of 1 lemon or lime
A good pinch of salt and pepper to season

Chopped Onions ready to be fried
Use a heavy based saucepan and place over a medium heat, add the oil.  Gently saute the onions for about 10 minutes till they are soft.  add the garlic,  ginger, garam masala and curry powder and stir a bit more for about a minutes.

Spices ready to be added
Tip in the potatoes and mix till they are well covered by the spices, then add the seasoning, and pour in the stock. Increase the heat slightly until it is simmering and add the coconut milk.
Sweet potatoes added to the pan
Reduce the heat again and allow to simmer for about 12 to 15 minutes or until the potatoes are soft. Use a blending stick if you have one or place contents in a food processor and blend until you have a puree.

Add the lemon or lime if you prefer and coriander (I would have used coriander but it is not to my children's taste I therefore added a bit of basil) and serve with crusty white bread.  If a little bit too spicy add some yogurt.

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