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A Game of Four Quarters, 70 miles, Week 5 London to Paris Cycling Training

A Game of Four Quarters, 70 miles, Week 5 London to Paris Cycling Training

70 miles broken be that over four trips this last week.  All I need to do now is the same but all in one day and more on my London 2 Paris bike ride. 

The first of two 14 mile trips I did this week was along the same old route on my sturdy faithful steed with early morning runs from home to Llanbedr, Llangynhafal Llandyrnog back to Llanrhaeadr.  Llan is an area where a Saint, usually back in the sixth or seventh century established a church. Yes we had many saints in our area in those days and like many other parts of Wales they left their mark by leaving their name on the church they established.

This route takes me through Rhewl towards Llanbedr and on one of the back roads I pass this quirky shed with flattened buckets hanging on the side.  I have passed it now a number of times and could not resist taking a picture this time round.

Buckets on Shed
I then cycle on towards Llanbedr and before arriving take a left that climbs up the side of the Vale. This takes me passed Llanbedr school, another one that is under threat of closure from Denbighshire County County.  It makes you think what will be left of our villages in a few years time when all the schools, post offices, shops, chapels and churches are closed.

Ysgol Llanbedr School
Cycling on to Llangynhafal I came across this golden bike.  I had noticed it and others around the Vale and had wondered what they were for.  This time round I noticed on one of them a notice advertising the 'Goldie' charity fundraisers annual cycle challenge.  this year they were setting off from their favourite pub, the Golden Lion in Llangynhafal in an effort to raise £15,000 in the aid of Robert Jones and Agnus Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital in Gobowen. For more information go to

Golden Bike on Llangynhafal Sign

From Llangynhafal the road drops down to Llandyrnog and then on to Llanynys.  On the way I pass a farm gate which sells free range eggs on the side of the road.  It is great to know that it is still possible in this country for someone to be able to sell there produce on the side of the road and just leave out a honesty box.

Free Range Eggs for Sale

Go Fast Bike

Waheeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Received my new go fast bike today Saturday 27.6.15 and as any new toy had to go out and play.

Chris Boardman 16 gear road bike
Approximate Weight (KG):10.5kg
Brake Type:Dual Pivot Calliper Brakes
Forks:7005 Alloy Blades with Chromoly Steerer
Frame Material:Alloy
Number of Gears:16
Pedals Included:Yes (Handy to have these with bike!!)
Wheel Size:700c
I know I am starting to get geeky!!!

It was a beautiful hot day when I started out and I decided to go down the Vale of Clwyd through Llandyrnog, Bodfari and then Tremeirchion.

Open Road Beckoned 
I was amazed at the difference in speed I could achieve (for me) compared with my old war horse and Bodfari Church whizzed passed quickly as I sped up the hill passed it.
Bodfari Church
I soon reached Tremeirchion and enjoying my ride so much barely stopping to take any pictures. 
From Trefnant I took the back road to Denbigh and arrived at the Leisure Centre with plenty of time to spare to see my daughter compete in her Gymnastic competition. Once it was over I jumped back on my new shiny new bike and and completed the final 3 miles back home in no time.

The Old Hospital and Smallest City in the UK

Sunday morning and like a little boy I was excited to get out on my bike again.  I started out about mid morning and climbed out of Llanrhaeadr towards the small hamlet of Y Glyn.  It is a steady climb up but I enjoyed the excursion as the road wound it way up in front of me (did not think I would be saying that a few weeks ago).
Denbigh Mental Health Hospital
From there the road drops down towards Denbigh but before I reached the town I pass the old Victorian built Mental Health Hospital that now lies sadly eerily empty.  This Asylum was built by architect Thomas Full James back in 1844.  Once a hospital for people with a psychiatric condition, at its maximum capacity it could house 200 patients.

Once through Denbigh I put my head down and aim for the smallest City in the UK.  Entering St. Asaph passing the local Welsh Medium High School (Ysgol Glan Clwyd) I came upon the episcopal seat of the Bishop of St. Asaph.  This small but stunning cathedral dates back 1,400 years, while the current building dates from the 13th century.

St. Asaph Cathedral
Once I cycled passed the cathedral I head down through this tiny City and at the bottom of the hill turn towards home.

St. Asaph City
On the way back I climbed up the locally named S bends.  But on my new bike this caused me no problem.
S Bends
I then crossed over the Vale and headed back through Bodfari to Llandyrnog.  I passed the White Horse (01824 790582) which is located in the village, a good place to eat, but if you wish to visit booking early is advisable.
White Horse LLandyrnog
After 24 miles I arrived home after a very enjoyable bike ride on my new bike on another sunny day in Wales, who says it always rains in Wales.

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