Monday, 29 June 2015

A Surprisingly Good Welsh Leek and Cheese Toasty

A Surprisingly Good Welsh Leek and Cheese Toasty

Welsh Leeks and Cheese Toasty

Welsh leeks, Double Cream, Crusty Bread and Double Gloucester Cheese

I was scrabbling around the other day thinking what we could have for a quick snack and and found this recipe for leek and cheese toasty.  I was a bit sceptical about it especially considering the amount of leeks suggested but boy was I surprised by the result.  This is an extremely tasty snack which I can highly recommend.

Serves 2

20g butter
2 Medium Leeks (being Welsh I would recommend using leeks from Wales, these came from Pembroke, but any good quality leeks will do)
1 tsp of dry thyme or a couple of sprigs of fresh, leaves only roughly chopped
3 tbs double cream
70g (I would recommend Caerphilly cheese but a strong Cheddar or Double Gloucester which I used because this was all I had left in the fridge, will do)
2 slices of good quality crusty bread
Pinch of salt and pepper to taste
Sweat the leeks
Melt the butter over a medium heat and add the leeks.  Once you hear them starting to sizzle turn the heat down and sweat gently, stirring often, for roughly 10 minutes or until they are tender.

Stir in the thyme, add the double cream and cook for a further minute or so until the cream is bubbling slightly.

Remove from the heat and add two thirds of the cheese, add salt and pepper to taste and stir.

Toast the bread lightly under the grill, when golden brown, remove and spread the leek and cheese mixture generously over the toast. Sprinkle the remaining cheese on top and replace under the heat and grill until the cheese is bubbling.  Serve immediately with a side salad and enjoy.

Add remaining cheese and grill

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